The Cormoran Public Service Patrolman Actively Monitors Two Vessels in Difficulty

The Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Center (CROSS) of Gris-Nez has today coordinated two monitoring operations for distressed vessels in the Channel and North Sea.

At about 1:20 am in the morning, the Maritime Operations Center (COM) of the Channel and North Sea Maritime Prefecture, in liaison with the Gris Nez CROSS, engages the Public Service Patrol (PSP) of the National Navy “Cormorant”, then on patrol off the North – Pas-de-Calais, to ensure a contact and monitoring a tug 30 meters, “Le Boulonnais”, total damage (blackout) 2 nautical miles from the coast (about 3.7km) at Cape Gris-Nez.

In visual contact and radio, the PSP “Cormoran” stands ready to assist the ship in difficulty. Having finally succeeded in restarting and resumed its route towards Dunkirk, the patroller will keep the escort until the entrance of the Traffic Separation Device (DST) after having made sure of the good sailing behavior of the tug “Le Boulonnais”.

A few hours later, around 7:00 am, the PSP Cormoran is again engaged by the COM, in liaison with the CROSS Gris-Nez, to come into contact with the fishing vessel “Saint Jacques II” victim of a lane, water in his local bar. The fishing vessel is maneuvering and the local bar confined.

On site, another fishing vessel, the “Glorious Virgin Mary” is also escorted by “Saint James II”. The Cormoran PSP crew   is ready to respond and implement their assessment team and dewatering equipment. The patroller will accompany the convoy to his destination port in Boulogne, which he will join around 13:00.

These two operations, without any unfortunate consequences, underline again the importance and the utility of the permanence at sea of ​​the ships of the State, desired by the maritime prefect. It also demonstrates the importance of the CROSS as part of their mission of monitoring navigation in the English Channel and North Sea, one of the busiest maritime areas in the world.

Saint Jacques II

PSP Cormoran sailed on January 29, 2018 from its base in Cherbourg to conduct a maritime patrol mission until Friday, February 9, 2018, when it will be raised by another vessel.


Source: Maritime Perfect