Controlling the Periscope of an Army Submarine is Easier with an Xbox Controller

The Army of the United States is one of the most important and characteristic military force in the entire world. Within it, we find the US Navy. “Get ready in the marina” as the Simpsons said … Well, a few hours ago we learned that one of your submarines, includes an Xbox 360 control to control your periscope.

The periscope of the USS Colorado is controlled through an Xbox 360 controller.

One of the last submarines to join the fleet of the United States Navy is the USS Colorado. It comes equipped with the latest technology to attack and defend through seas and oceans, and also comes with an Xbox 360 control in its equipment.

To be able to play Gears of War, or throw some games to Forza? Not quite. The Navy explained last September that the new submarines would come equipped with a pair of photonic masts, which will replace the classic periscope used previously.

These masts have a camera in high resolution that can rotate 360 degrees, to see the outside of the submarine, and the top of the water surface. Initially, these masts were to be controlled with a system known as a ” helicopter-type pole “, but they proved too heavy to control. In this way, the Navy discovered that the simplest and most intuitive system would be to use an Xbox 360 controller.

According to the USS Colorado commander in chief, Reed Koepp, using commercial technology, not only facilitates the work of submarine sailors, but also saves money to the United States Navy.

We know that more than one would be an expert in handling the periscope of this submarine.


Source: Pure Gaming