COM. of the Pacific of the USA becomes Indo-Pacific

Defence leaders remain focused on efforts to strengthen relationships and modernize US alliances. UU In the #IndoPacific region as a priority for the security interests of the 21st century and to maintain the global leadership of the USA. UU

Mattis made the announcement during a leadership change, with US Navy Admiral Philip Davidson taking over from outgoing Admiral Harry Harris. Harris has been nominated as an ambassador for the United States. UU in South Korea.

According to The Associated Press, the change “does not entail fundamental changes in troops, military missions or other Pentagon activities.”

The change comes along with the internal re-designation at the beginning of the Trump administration of the region as “Indo-Pacific” instead of the terminology “Asia-Pacific” for a long time a convention in the diplomatic circles of EE. UU

Historical reality and current affairs

In April, Assistant Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs Alex Wong told reporters that the use of the Indo-Pacific term “recognizes the historical reality and current reality that South Asia and, in particular, India plays a key role “in the Pacific, in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

“That has been true for thousands of years and it is true today,” Wong was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India.

In a photo published by the Xinhua News Agency, China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier is accompanied by naval frigates and submarines performing exercises in the South China Sea in April.

In 2016, EE. UU And India signed a Logistics Exchange Agreement, which strengthened their mutual security ties and facilitated the two countries to carry out joint military operations. The NDTV of India writes that the agreement aims to counteract “the growing maritime assertiveness of China”.

“The United States is also interested in accessing the great Indian defence market. It has emerged as the second largest supplier of arms in India, closing agreements worth 15,000 million dollars in the last decade, “according to NDTV.

COM. of the Pacific of the USA becomes Indo-Pacific

As The Economic Times of India recently pointed out, “although Russia remains India’s largest arms dealer, its share in total imports has declined. Russia had a 62 percent share of arms imports from India over the past five years, up from 79 percent in 2008-12, according to the report that traces the global arms trade. “