Colombian Veteran and Adventurer Runs Aground in El Cuyo

Colombian sailor Carlos Balderas ran aground on the Yucatan coast, near El Cuyo, where he was shipwrecked due to problems with the engine and bad weather on his route from Santa Marta, Colombia to Cancun, Quintana Roo, who finished it “dragging” the Yucatecan sea.

In an interview at the location of the grounding, the 78-year-old veteran sailor explained that he had been sailing for 13 days, a hobby that has become his lifelong passion, however, having problems with the engine of his ship, he tried sail with the sail but it was impossible because there was no wind to do the force it required.

Carlos Balderas explained that he has already spent three days in the Yucatan coast and that these mishaps have been part of his adventures on the high seas, as he mentioned that he has crossed from Spain, Colombia and other countries in several countries for decades because this activity is what he most enjoys.

“I crossed the Atlantic and the more I travel, the more I realize that we are few men who go out to sea at the adventure, to fulfill a personal dream like me. The others dream of watching television and polluting, that is reprehensible, “he said.

He explained that the boat is called Joker and bought it in 1997 from an insurance company after having suffered a mishap on the high seas with its former owners and being rescued, which meant buying it at a good price.

“It’s not my only boat, I have several and I’ve been traveling around the world, so I’m surprised what happened to me on this occasion when I saw myself without a motor and without wind I was adrift and decided to change the route to Progreso , but when I saw that water had entered the bottom of the rudder, without it sinking the ship, I thought about the worst, I decided to grab my documents and jump into the sea, “he said.

“What was my surprise that when it fell to the sea it was not deep and it was 20 meters from the coast, so then I proceeded to check the damage and since there is a slab in the bottom the ship was damaged and now it looked for the way to repair it or otherwise disarm it to avoid contaminating the Yucatan coast, “he explained.

He mentioned that he travels alone, that his family is at home and that being a sailor has made him a bad father and a bad husband, because “right now my wife is recovering from an operation and I’m traveling, but she knows that this is my life”.

Colombian veteran and adventurer runs aground in El Cuyo

“Now I will try to make the ship float, if not, I hope I get support from a good tugboat, because it is very low, and if nothing can be done, the ship will transfer it to the port authority to detonate it , the Secretary of the Navy is not advising, I am going to respect the law that is not to contaminate, my intention is to return to the sea, “he concluded.