Colombian Authorities Seized Drug Smugglers on Rotterdam Express 

The “Rotterdam Express” reported to the Colombian Maritime Authorities the unauthorized presence of unknown persons on board, shortly after leaving Cartagena, bound for Caucedo, late on Jan 27, 2018. The Coast Guard and Navy were sent to the ship which reduced speed.

Teams of commandos, immigration and police boarded the ship,and detected 10 persons, clad in black, who had found their way on board during the ship’s stay at Cartagena. In the following cargo check, 185 kilos of pure cocaine were found in containers. The intruders were detained, one of them being a convict.

The container ship meanwhile, resumed sailing at a reduced speed. The investigation and search, were still under way. The Colombian authorities believed the illegals on board were connected to the drugs which were found.


Source: Vessel Tracker