Cocaine Shipment Valued At $ 15.6 Million Seized In Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

The 1,326 pounds of the drug went to drug trafficking organizations.

The authorities seized a shipment of 601 kilos of cocaine last Sunday, just outside the coast of the municipality of Cabo Rojo.

The cargo of 1,326 pounds was valued at $ 15.6 million for drug trafficking organizations.

The deputy director for Puerto Rico of the Drug Control Agency of the United States (DEA, for its acronym in English), Reinaldo López , said they managed to obtain information that a drug boat was heading to the island and called theBureau of the Police, for understanding that he had a better chance to react more quickly.

This was how the Maritime Unit of the Rapid Action Unit (FURA) in Cabo Rojo left in time to intervene with the vessel.

At a press conference, the Police and the DEA did not want to offer many details about the incident because it was “an ongoing investigation”. In a separate press release, the Border Patrol (CBP) reported that they intercepted the ship named “Contender”, a 28-foot twin-engine, operated by two men of Dominican nationality.

CBP indicated that FURA agents called them to stop the ship. Along with CBP officers, they registered the ship, valued at $ 70,000, where they found the bales of cocaine.

For his part, the DEA official said the ship was coming “from the north”, but insisted on not going into details so as not to affect the investigation, which had begun before the seizure of the cargo.

Lopez speculated that in this type of “large” cargo, the majority is redirected from Puerto Rico to the United States.

At a press conference, Lopez attributed this type of occupation not only to strategies among law enforcement agencies but also to an increase in the flow of drug trafficking.

“One of the main reasons is that, in South America, particularly in Colombia, given the political circumstances of the country, the production of cocaine has quadrupled, ” he said.

Meanwhile, it did not coincide with the impression articulated in the past by the authorities that these occupations produce violence among the gangs in Puerto Rico. In contrast, Lopez opined that, on the contrary, ” depending on how solid the organization is, financially I could take it out ” of operations.

At the same press conference, the police reported figures related to the anti-crime plan. The acting commissioner, Henry Escalera, said that so far this year have made 963 arrests.

He also noted that between February and April they executed 279 raids where they allegedly identified illegal activity. Of that total, 224 were positive.

In addition, they occupied 533 firearms and 25,831 ammunition of different calibre and 881 suppliers.

He also alleged that they seized 13,516 heroin decks, 682 bags of heroin, 5 kilos of heroin, 17,756 bags of cocaine, 285 cocaine flakes, 16,233 bags of marijuana, 568 marijuana cigarettes, 136 marijuana plants, 110 pounds of marijuana, 844 flakes of synthetic marijuana, 22,014 crack capsules, 4,566 bags of crack and 6,784 pills of controlled substances.

Cocaine Shipment Valued At $ 15.6 Million Seized In Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Similarly, they occupied $ 543,007 in cash, 399 vehicles, of which they recovered 203 cars.

So far this year, the arrests of the Uniformada have left $ 117.7 million in bonds imposed on people who have been found probable cause for the arrest.

It was not reported how many have resulted in the arrest of the total of 963 detainees so far in 2018.

According to Escalera, the Bureau’s plan has resulted in a 20% reduction in Type 1 offences for the whole island compared to last year for the same period.

In turn, Lieutenant Colonel José Rosario Polanco, director of the investigative branch in the Uniformada, highlighted that in the 754 arrests made between February and April, there are people linked to criminal organizations, drug trafficking and who are attributed murders, robberies and other crimes.


Source: El Nuevo Dia