Cocaine, LSD and Ketamine: They Reveal Drug Network in the US Navy

The US Navy is investigating allegations about the sale of illegal substances such as cocaine, LSD and ketamine by a drug network at the Naval Academy in Annapolis (Maryland) on ‘dark web’.

About ten midshipmen are being investigated for their alleged involvement in this issue, of which three are accused of selling cocaine, ketamine – a powerful and fast anesthetic – and LSD, to their classmates, who bought these substances in the dark network using the bitcoin cryptocurrency, says the report published on Saturday by the US chain, citing several midshipmen enrolled in the Academy.

Despite the official estimate, the sources of the midshipmen valued that the number of students that are subject to investigation is more than 10 and reaches 24.

Last week, drug-detecting dogs from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) searched the rooms of suspects who allegedly consumed narcotics and discovered cocaine, the document said.

A female midshipman who reportedly possessed drugs tried to escape, but was apprehended and then subjected to interrogation. In the middle of the investigation, the command of the Naval Academy ordered the realization, without previous announcement, of the drug test to 4500 cadets.

“The results of the investigation are still pending. We will continue to work with the Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) in relation to these complaints.

United Naval Academy and Drugs

The Navy has zero tolerance for drug abuse and takes all allegations of misconduct seriously “, the spokesman for the same Academy, Commodore David McKinney, has highlighted in a statement issued by email and cited by local media.


Source: Hispantv Nexo Latino