Cocaine Load Attached to Ship’s Hull in Caldera, Seized by Public Security PCD

Officials of the Drug Control Police (PCD) of the Ministry of Public Security seized a load of cocaine stuck in the hull of a ship anchored in Caldera de Esparza, Puntarenas.

The drug was hidden in a compartment known as “parasite”, which is placed by drug dealers in the hull of ships to mislead the authorities.

However, divers who made revisions, the previous Saturday, noticed something strange in the hull of a ship that had arrived from Colombia and alerted the PCD.Cocaine seized on ship

The agents confirmed the discovery seized 47 kilos of cocaine in said compartment. There were no detainees.

The ship “Captain Palmerston Monrovia came from San Buenaventura de Colombia and anchored in Caldera to land 206 containers. He was heading towards El Salvador and the United States.


Source: BS Noticias