Coast Guard Confiscate 5,000 Pounds of Narcotics Near Central America

More than 5,000 pounds of cocaine seized by the US Coast Guard (USCG) in international waters in Central America were unloaded Tuesday in San Diego.

The 5,271 pounds of drugs estimated to be worth more than $ 78 million were seized during a two-day period in May by teams from the Coast Guard in Port Angeles, Washington.

The cocaine will be turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for destruction, the USCG said.

The crew also arrested six suspected drug dealers who will be prosecuted in the United States.

Active, the Coast Guard vessel used in the interceptions is a 53-year-old boat with 210 feet of length and port in Port Angeles, Washington. The average life of a ship is 40 years, according to USCG.

Coast Guard crew interdicts a ton of cocaine

“Just keeping a 53-year-old boat in top condition is a feat in itself, and [the crew] has done that and much more,” said the ship’s commander, Chris German.



Source: Telemundo20