Coast Guard Confiscate 5,000 Pounds of Narcotics Near Central America

The Russian Black Sea Fleet will protect Sochi from possible attacks from the sea during the 2018 World Cup.

A part of the unit of boats that will participate in the protection of the coast has already advanced towards the patrol zone. A year ago, the fleet already practiced similar exercises during the Confederations Cup in the vicinity of Sochi, reports Izvestia.

The coast will be protected by boats based in Sevastopol, Novorossiisk and Anapa. Some of them are already in the area of the marine station of Sochi; the rest have just received combat orders.

According to the newspaper, the unit will cover the coast from the border with Abkhazia to Sochi. The operation will involve an anti-submarine corvette of the 1124M Yeisk series from the Novorossiisk naval base, a missile launcher of the 1241 Ivanovets series of the 41st brigade, a 266M Kovrovets minesweeper and an anti-submarine vessel of the 1124M Muromets series… The last three are part of the Crimean naval base.

According to Izvestia, special forces will perform a reconnaissance of the seabed in the vicinity of the tourist city to search for potential explosive objects. If necessary, they will be the first to block submarine saboteurs when they attempt to land on the coast of the Sochi region or place mines there.

If this need arises, the safety of the World Cup on the high seas will be provided by one of the frigates of the 11356 series – Admiral Essen or Admiral Grigorovich. They can also receive help from the Patrol ships of the 11351 Pitlivi series and the 01090 Smetlivi series, among others.

Coast Guard Confiscate 5,000 Pounds of Narcotics Near Central America

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will officially open on June 14 and last until July 15. The tourist city will host several games, which will take place at the Fisht stadium between June 15 and July 7. In Sochi will play the national teams of Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Panama, Australia, Peru and Sweden.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News