Ciudad Guyana will participate in the International Tsunami Drill “Caribe Wave 2018”

The authorities of Civil Protection and other agencies of security and rescue of Ciudad Guyana, Bolívar state, are preparing at full speed to participate this Thursday, March 15 in the International Tsunami Drill “Caribe Wave 2018”, in which several countries will participate. the Caribbean basin.

This was reported by the Sectorial Director of Civil Protection in the Caroní municipality, Ángel Rodríguez, who explained that Ciudad Guyana was selected together with cities of 27 nations of Central and South America for being the largest city located on the final stretch of the Orinoco River, which flows into in the Caribbean Sea through the Delta Amacuro state.

This location makes it vulnerable to sharp floods due to the backflow of the Orinoco level if its waters were dammed at its mouth by the arrival of a tsunami caused by an earthquake in any area near the Caribbean.

He indicated that cities from the states of Anzoategui, Falcón, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Vargas and Zulia will also participate. “We have deployed and ready a multidisciplinary team of men and women, specialized in situations of rescue and rescue,” said Rodriguez.

He indicated that the participating teams and institutions will be deployed in several communities surrounding the Orinoco that are part of the parish on April 11, east of Ciudad Guyana.

The drill will be based on an “earthquake” of 8.6 degrees on the scale of Ritcher that “will occur” in the vicinity of the island of Barbados, producing waves of great height and force that will move towards the eastern coast of Venezuela and mouth of the Orinoco River in the Delta Amacuro state.

The Vice Ministry for Risk Management and Civil Protection is responsible for the coordination of the exercise in Venezuela and in each zone of the country the human and technical deployment will be supervised through the Command, Control and Communications Centers of the VEN 911 system.

“It is noteworthy that we are considered for this type of activity, which allows us to demonstrate the skills, abilities and responsiveness of institutions and the community in the face of these eventualities,” said Zamora.

He pointed out that personnel from the Venezuelan Foundation for Seismological Research (Funvisis), Municipal Firemen of Caroní, National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh), National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec), Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), National Police will participate in Ciudad Guyana. Bolivariana (PNB) and the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (Inea).

They are joined by personnel from the National Institute of Canalization (Incanal), the government of Bolívar and the Municipal Fire Department of Caroní, as well as the local Civil Protection staff.

Ciudad Guayana will participate in the International Tsunami Drill Caribe Wave 2018

“All of them will be supported by members of the communities who will be ready to show their capacity to mobilize in an emergency and organize themselves to guarantee access to safe havens for the greatest number of adults and children,” he said.