China Will Participate in Naval Exercises with Australia Despite Bilateral Tension

China will join the naval exercises to be held at the end of August. Both countries have Australia Despite Bilateral tensions due to criticism over the military presence of the Asian giant in the  South China Sea.

China will participate in a series of multilateral naval exercises that will begin this month in northern Australia, despite tensions between the two nations, Australian Defense sources said today.

According to information from the Australian Ministry of Defense, the exercises include communications between vessels and replacement activities, as well as maritime training maneuvers.

The ministry clarified that “there are no plans for China to participate in live-fire activities” in these military exercises, which they consider an “opportunity to coordinate the regional navies and encourage greater cooperation.”

Exercises and Relations Between Both Countries

The military maneuvers, baptized like Kakadu, congregate from the 30 of August until the middle of September to 27 nations – like participants or observers – in front of the things of the northern city of Darwin.

China is Australia’s main trading partner, although there are tensions in relations due to Canberra’s criticism of the Asian giant’s military presence in the South China Sea and suspicions of Beijing’s spying and political interference in the nation’s domestic affairs Oceanic.

China Will Participate in Naval Exercises with Australia Despite Bilateral Tension

The Australian Defense reaffirmed in its statement its commitment to maintain “a long-term constructive relationship with China supported by mutual respect and shared interests”.


Source: RPP Noticias