China Strengthens Its Navy by Stealing Submarine Technology to the US

China has made remarkable progress in its submarine warfare capabilities and is using stolen technology from the United States to boost that progress, said the head of the US Fleet Forces Command. for the Pacific, Admiral Philip S. Davidson.

In a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee , Davidson warned him that while the US has a “significant asymmetric advantage in underwater warfare”, the Chinese Navy “is making progress” in this regard, since Beijing has made it a priority to increase its own capabilities in this underwater warfare in order to challenge the Americans, as reported yesterday on Sunday. several international media.

China has invested considerable resources in its submarine fleet, since 2002, it has built 10 nuclear submarines: six Shang I and II nuclear attack submarines capable of firing anti-ship and ground attack missiles, and four Jin-class ballistic missile submarines. , the admiral said, based on a study by the US Department of Defense. (the Pentagon) drawn up in 2017.

The Asian giant maintains a large fleet of advanced diesel-electric submarines, said the US military high command, adding that these submersibles are heavily armed and allow Beijing to project its influence along the Pacific Ocean and into the Indian Ocean.

The Chinese Navy “has new submarines equipped with ballistic missiles as well as attack submarines,” he stressed to the congressmen of the aforementioned committee warning them of the danger that these submersibles represent for their American counterparts deployed in the waters of the South China Sea. of the Asian country.

In his writing, Davidson emphasized that these military technologies include stealthier submarines equipped with increasingly sophisticated weapons, unmanned underwater vehicles and new radars that seek to challenge US domination. in the region.

A submarine of nuclear attack of class Shang I belonging to the Navy of China

China is “stealing American technology” to develop this type of military equipment, explained the US military, citing the theft of projects of designs of US defence contractors by Beijing through cyber attacks.



Source: hispantv