China Prepares the Construction of its First Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

So far, the United States and France are the only countries with aircraft carriers powered by atomic reactors.

China is working on the development of its first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, a new milestone in its goal of building a powerful Navy, which could be ready by 2025.

China’s main military shipbuilding company, CSIC, said in a statement this week that an atomic-powered vessel could sail for that year, the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post reported.

The Chinese Navy has two aircraft carriers, both of classical propulsion: one purchased from Ukraine and finished in this country and another launched in 2017, completely Chinese design and construction, which was almost completely secret until near its conclusion.

“Key technologies”

CSIC was responsible for the modernization and completion of the first and the construction of the second, so some analysts assume that the nuclear-powered ship would be an aircraft carrier.

However, the company modified its statement on Wednesday night, eliminating mentions of a nuclear surface vessel and indicating instead that it works on “key technologies.” “ China’s security landscape is undergoing profound changes, and threats to maritime security are growing,” the company said.

An aircraft carrier of the Chinese Navy

So far, the US, with eleven nuclear aircraft carriers in service and one more under construction, and France, with a ship of this type although it has suffered numerous technical problems, are the only countries with aircraft carriers powered by atomic reactors.


Source: RPP Noticias