China Performs a “Simulation With Real Fire” in the Eastern Sea

The Chinese Navy has carried out a “simulation with real fire” in the waters of the East China Sea, in which a fleet of boats has participated, led by the only aircraft carrier in the country, Liaoning, informs the local agency on Tuesday. Xinhua news.

The formation of assault ships participated on Sunday in maneuvers against a simulated “opposition force” of aircraft and submarines, according to the report.

During the military exercises, the Chinese ships detected with their radar systems aircraft and J-15 fighter aircraft of a simulated enemy and took off from the Liaoning aircraft carrier to intercept the aggressor fighters.

Also, the vessel fleet successfully detected several simulated enemy submarines and fired several antisubmarine missiles to destroy them.

Yesterday, Monday, China celebrated the Day of the Navy, which marks the 69th anniversary of the founding of its naval force. This same day, the Chinese media reported that the second aircraft carrier in the country and the first national construction could begin its tests on the high seas these days and be ready for combat in 2020.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently urged to reinforce the Asian giant’s Navy to become a major global naval power, particularly in the Pacific Ocean. “The need to build a strong marina has never been as urgent as now,” the president said on April 12.

China Performs a Simulation With Real Fire in the Eastern Sea

With a powerful Navy, Beijing will be able to defend the numerous islands and reefs that it claims in the disputed seas of the South and East of China from the threats and “provocations” of the United States. In recent years, Washington has sent its warships several times to the vicinity of the islets controlled by Beijing under the pretext of defending “freedom of navigation”.

Beijing has denounced these “provocations” again and again, accusing Washington of destabilizing the area, violating its sovereignty and seeking absolute control of the waters in question.


Source: HispanTV