China Hackers Hack the United States to Steal Information from the Navy

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The war between China and the United States seems not to stop, not even having a little moment of peace. Although both countries met to negotiate a commercial truce that was only complicating things, now the Wall Street Journal brings to light information that will once again confront both countries. And it seems that China hacks the United States relevant information to the Armed Forces of the Western country.

Although the information has not been clarified by either of the two governments; it seems that the intelligence services of the United States of America point to the theft of information from Chinese computer hackers. Which seems to have been information that concerns the maintenance of the ships of the American Navy and missiles and torpedoes that carry.

Obviously, this does not make a point of grace to James Mattis, current Secretary of Defense of the Donald Trump government. This only strains the thread that exists between both countries, especially after the arrest of the Huawei Finance Director in Canada. Which is the daughter of the founder of the company and is already at liberty but with complications.

Supposedly, China hacks the United States military information.

According to the sources of the Wall Street Journal, what is taking place is that the hackers try to access those external companies that are responsible for the cybersecurity of the US Armed Forces. In this way it is assumed that these technologies are installed in the eastern army.

China Hackers Hack the United States to Steal Information from the Navy

The United States is concerned that the stolen information belongs to a super-sonic anti-ship missile. Which had been planned to use for American submarines. And I say, if these things were not created, we should not worry.

At least in Russia there are good hackers that help those who did not patch their routers.

This seems to be not only here. It is also suspected that universities that work in research for the Ministry of Defense. The Armada itself says that they have been suffering this “handful of attacks for a year and a half. The attacks on our networks are not new. Although attempts to steal critical information are increasing both in severity and in sophistication. We must act decisively to understand the nature of these attacks and how to prevent the loss of vital military information. ” The Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, comments.

Although rumors say that China hacks the United States, they do not get wet.

Neither Richard Spencer, as Secretary of the North American Navy, nor James Mattis, as Secretary of Defense of the United States of America want to say that China is behind all this. But it is something that is rumored after all the swings that both countries are having. On the one hand, Donald Trump tries to pay those who do not use Huawei’s services in Europe . And on the other side, from the Chinese government they have completely disengaged. They deny that there is any involvement on their part.


Source: Easysmartech