China Condemns US Military Vessel Entry Without Authorization

The Chinese government accused the United States (US) of violating its sovereignty on Saturday after a US warship entered the waters near the archipelago of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. , without the authorization of the authorities of the Asian nation.

The act has violated Chinese law and international law, infringed on China’s sovereignty, undermined peace, security and order of relevant waters, and endangered facilities and personnel in the Chinese islands, which constitutes a serious political and military provocation “, announced Hua Chuning, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

The destroyer USS Mustin sailed on Friday 12 nautical miles away from the Mischief reef. According to the United States Navy, the objective of the operation was to guarantee “freedom of navigation”.

However, the aforementioned reef is part of the disputed archipelago of the Spratly Islands, claimed by China and several countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

“In such circumstances, the US, which deliberately creates problems and tensions in the South China Sea to undermine peace and stability in the area, goes against the will of regional countries that aspire to stability, cooperation and development, “said Hua Chunying.

In the last two years there have been several cases of the presence of American destroyers near the disputed islands. USA it usually sends warships to the waters of the South China Sea with the argument of “maintaining security”.

China condemns US military vessel entry without authorization

However, Beijing has denounced these “provocative” actions, and accuses Washington of destabilizing the area, violating its sovereignty and seeking to dominate the waters in question.


Source: Aporrea

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