China Begins Construction Of Its Largest Offshore Wind Farm

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China has begun construction of the offshore wind farm with the largest installed capacity in the country.

On October 15, the first turbine was installed in waters off Nanpeng Island, in the city of Yangjiang, south of the Chinese province of Guangdong. The project, with an installed capacity of 400,000 kW, is expected to generate about 1,460 million kWh of annual electricity when it enters service in 2020, according to China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) developer.

Guangdong plans to build 23 offshore wind farms by 2030 with a combined installed capacity of 66.85 MkW.

China Begins Construction Of Its Largest Offshore Wind Farm

The wind has become the third largest source of energy behind coal and water. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, China reaches third place in terms of the total installed power of offshore wind turbines, with 11% of the world total by the end of 2016, behind the United Kingdom and Germany.


Source: Sector Maritimo