They Captured Drug Traffickers Throwing Over 800 Kilos of Cocaine Overboard Before Being Caught by the Coast Guard

The criminals were caught in the framework of a mega-operation that included several seizures in Pacific waters. The balance was about seven tons seized and 27 people arrested.

When the two drug traffickers who sailed across the Pacific Ocean to the United States came across the Hamilton Coast Guard ship, they realized they had no escape. Desperate, they began to throw the packets of cocaine they were carrying into the water in an attempt to hide the crime.

In total, they left a cargo of about 800 kilos, which was floating in the sea. It was of little use to them, because they were equally imprisoned.

That incursion was part of a major operation of the US Coast Guard, held on February 4. The authorities of the institution unloaded Monday in the Everglades port (south of Florida) the final balance: about seven tons of cocaine, valued at 190 million dollars.

The cargo presented was the result of 11 seizures made on the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America by different patrols. As a result, 27 people were arrested, of which 18 were transferred to the United States, and the rest were deported.

Only the Northland vessel’s coastguard apprehended 2,871 kilos of cocaine in two operations. The Hamilton intercepted in other two actions against the drug traffic 1,931 kilos.

“The hard work of our agents along with other institutions contributed to the seizure of seven tons of cocaine at sea (…), which prevented the entry of drugs into the United States, ” said Mark Gordon, captain of Hamilton

But, “even more important” that this blow to drug trafficking is the “arrest” of the criminals, the knowledge of the “links that these cases represent” and the “steps that lead us to dismantle the criminal networks that try to operate in the United States, “he added.


Source: Infobae