Camaronero is Towed to the Navigation Channel. Near the Hill of El Crestón, in the Port

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Neighbours of some colonies of the south zone of Mazatlán and the ejido of the Island of the Stone, woke up with a worry when seeing that a boat that was in the middle of the channel of navigation was being consumed by the flames. However, when communicating with the Communication, Computing, Control and Command Center (C-4) they were informed that they already knew of the fact and that the vessel had been deliberately left there to avoid an accident.

The ship in question is the First Sebastian, which began to burn from Monday night when he went out to sea to go fishing for shrimp.

After the people on board were rescued by Navy personnel, the shrimp boat was pulled by two boats, which left it in the middle of the canal. Because the ship was just starting for the first fishing trip, it was full of fuel, and it was almost impossible to extinguish the fire.

That’s exactly why the maritime authorities decided to leave it there, waiting for the fire to be consumed until it just went out. It was at dawn, that the trail of black smoke began to be seen from various parts of the municipality, causing alarm among some people.

Finally, the boat was consumed by the fire and it was extinguished at the edge of noon on Tuesday.

It was approximately at 10:00 p.m. on Monday when the emergency center received the warning that a shrimp boat was burning in front of Cerro del Creston.

Camaronero is Towed to the Navigation Channel. Near the Hill of El Crestón, in the Port

Because the boat was a considerable distance from the shore, the members of the fire department could not do anything to put out the fire.

It was the elements of the Secretariat of the Navy who were given the task of reaching the place in two small boats to take charge of saving a dozen people who made up the crew.


Source: Debate MX