California Disembarks in the Offshore Wind Race with a 100 MW Floating Fleet

A council of 15 experts from the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) of California has selected a multinational business consortium to participate in a joint public-private initiative that is promoting the RCEA and whose purpose is to develop a floating marine wind project in the north from the coast of California. The consortium is one of six candidates who have responded to the RCEA initiative, which launched its proposal in February.

The executive director of the coastal authority RCEA, Matthew Marshall, explained that “we are impressed by the reception that our initiative has received and by the quality of the answers received.” Large promoters, multinationals and actors from the European and North American energy sectors have answered to our call, which allows us to confirm the attractiveness of Humboldt County as the entry point of an entire industrial sector. ”

The consortium chosen by the RCEA is composed of Principle Power Inc, EDPR Offshore North America LLC, Aker Solutions Inc., HT Harvey & Associates and Herrera Environmental Consultants Inc. According to the RCEA, the project is called to function as “flagship of the industry floating marine wind in California specifically and in the United States in general. ”

The RCEA reports

Humboldt County has “the best wind resource in California, with winds whose average speeds exceed ten meters per second.” This makes this county the ideal place – according to the RCEA – to undertake the race of offshore wind on the west coast of the United States. The project proposed by the coastal authority – the floating marine wind farm of Principle Power technology – will have a power of between one hundred and one hundred and fifty megawatts (150 MW) and would be located more than twenty miles from the Eureka coast. The RCEA and the multinational consortium selected are planning to close the collaboration agreement “in the coming weeks,” according to the coastal authority.

What is the Redwood Coast Energy Authority?

The coastal authority RCEA is a local energy agency whose members include Humboldt County, the cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad, and the Municipal Water Agency of Humboldt Bay. The objective of the RCEA is to “develop and implement sustainable energy initiatives that reduce demand, increase energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable resources available in the region for the benefit of its constituents”. In what refers specifically to this initiative, the energy authority has been marked as an objective that it is the local community that leads this project.

“The inputs and guidance given to this project by local partners – they explain from the RCEA – will be critical for its success and also for the consequent development of the associated industry in California.” In the communiqué through which it has informed the selection of this consortium, the coastal authority also refers to socio-environmental precautions: project partners will be proactive in disseminating information to the local community so that it understands each phase of the development of this initiative, whose ultimate goal should be “to maximize the benefits for the local community and minimize any potential impact”.

California Disembarks in the Offshore Wind Race with a 100 MW Floating Fleet


Founded in 2007, Principle Power develops and supplies technology and services associated with the offshore wind industry. Its flagship product is WindFloat, a floating turbine with which it has gained access to transitional and deep waters that wind turbines do not reach that need foundations on the seabed. The company has offices in the United States, France and Portugal and sells machines to park developers, independent power producers and large utilities.

EDPR is the renewable division of the Portuguese multinational Energias de Portugal (EDP). Aker Solutions is an engineering company that designs and supplies products, systems and services to the global energy industry. HT Harvey & Associates Ecological Consultants is a consultant that advises administrations, non-governmental organizations and private entities on matters of wildlife, aquatic ecology, restoration of spaces, etc. Herrera Environmental Consultants, Inc is a consulting focused on three areas: water, restoration and sustainable development.