Burning Tanker Sanchi Drifting in Japanese Ecomonic Zone – Chinese Rejected Help 

After the collision with a Hong Kong cargo ship in the China Sea, the Iranian oil tanker headed to South Korea started to burn. Trapped on board there are 31 crew members whose relatives, interviewed exclusively by euronews, are appealing to the international community.

The sea is rough and full of oil, the air is full of smoke and the ship burns. The rescue operations of the 31 crew members of the Iranian oil tanker on the day of the epiphany in the China Sea after a collision with a Hong Kong cargo ship were resumed in impossible conditions.

Euronews has gathered the despair of relatives: “We want international aid for our children who are probably alive in the tanker – says a mother – help them, they are human beings who need help right away.We appeal to the international community. see our loved ones soon “. “China could do more, our ship is there – adds a woman whose husband is on board – We ask China to help us and save our kids, 5 days are many and each of these 5 days for us is It was an endless nightmare “. “I know they are safe from somewhere on the ship – says a woman – We do not even think for a 1 percent chance that something bad happened to them, but time is passing and every second is important”. Sanchi burning ship

The risk is that the ship can explode at any moment. A body has already been found in water. An investigation was launched into the causes of the collusion involving the cargo ship that was transporting grain to the United States and whose crew was immediately rescued by a passing boat.

Unknown the causes of the collision, of course it is instead that China is facing an unprecedented environmental disaster since the tanker carried 150 thousand tons of condensed oil mostly finished at sea.


Source: EuroNews