Boat Fire In Playa Del Carmen

A fire on the ship “Titan II”, owned by the company Oceanografía, stranded on the shores of Ciudad del Carmen, was reported without reports of casualties, only material damage.

The incident began around 8:30 am this Sunday and the causes that caused it are unknown, although vandalism is not ruled out as a cause.

The ship “Titan II” caught fire approximately 500 meters from the coast of Bahamita beach, where it remains stranded since 2016.

Last year there was also a fire alert on the same boat, and even environmental organizations have manifested because being abandoned on the coasts can cause severe pollution in the area.

Near where it is in “Titan II” there are other boats owned by the same company that is stranded and has not been rescued or put into operation for several years.

At the beginning of 2018, the arrest of five people trying to loot this ship, found at kilometre 13 of the Carmelite coast, was reported; despite this incident, he continued in abandonment.

That boat, which according to data collected, was under the responsibility of the Mexican company Oceanografía to service Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), was never rescued from its clogging.

The first reports indicate that the accident was the result of the “rapine” of people who work in the scrapyard, who in recent months have taken advantage of its abandonment to dismantle it.

Boat Fire at Playa del Carmen

It was also ascertained that there would be a post-incident investigation into the liability of that vessel and it is in fact still under the responsibility of the company Oceanografía.



Source: El Imparcial