Bahrain Withdraws 17,000 Textbooks on a Map of the “Persian Gulf”

The Government of Bahrain has withdrawn 17,000 textbooks printed in English and distributed in the schools of the island because on a map appeared the expression “Persian Gulf”, vetoed in Arab countries that share that arm of the sea with Iran.

The books, dedicated to students in third grade, were printed by a foreign publisher, who was held responsible for the “error” and forced to correct it, said the communication director of the Government, Fauaz al Shuruqi, according to the official agency BNA.

The company, whose name was not disclosed, also apologized to the kingdom for the mistaken designation of the gulf, a sensitive issue for both Iran and its Arab neighbors, who maintain tense relations with Tehran.

The Persian Gulf, located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, is considered strategic and important internationally due to its rich reserves of oil and gas as it is the path of oilmen from Iraq or Kuwait.

The name of the gulf is historically Persian, as recognized by the United Nations, but the Arab coastal countries refer to it as “Arabian” for decades.

The controversy over the name of the Gulf was revived last October by a speech by US President Donald Trump, in which he referred to the geographical feature as “Persian Gulf”.

Bahrain to reprint 17,000 text books

On that occasion, Trump, an ironclad ally of the Arab countries, threatened Iran with “American ships and freedom of navigation in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea.”


Source: Lavan Guardia