Authorities Do Not Know What To Do With The Ghost Ship Stranded on the Cuban Reef

The mysterious ship that arrived on the Cuban coast in September 2015 is still in the Guanahacabibes area, the Facebook page of Mundo Latino television reported this week.

The ship “continues to face our coasts waiting for a decision on what to do with it,” the television station said.

The ghost ship has 174 gross weight tons, 36 meters long and seven meters long. It was built in 1967 and named Union Express.

The official newspaper Granma dedicated a report to him in 2016 and emphasized its “ghostly” condition: “he came sailing alone, with no one on board, as the stories of terror and mystery that are still woven in the Caribbean tell us.”

According to Granma, the boat “lost its anchor during a storm, while its crew took shelter on land and the currents drove it towards the immensity of the sea.”

The storm left him stranded on the reefs of the island and despite the fact that Cuban authorities have tried to remove him from there using a tugboat, it has been impossible because he is stuck in the rocky soil.

Divers determined that the impact on the rocks caused an opening in the hull, which has allowed the entry of water to cover important areas, such as the engine room and other spaces below the waterline.

The specialists consider that it is not possible to move the boat with tugboats and, if it were achieved, with very powerful means, it would sink immediately; without forgetting the environmental risks and a possible spill of hydrocarbons in the transfer.

ghost ship stranded on the Cuban reef

The ghost ship was owned by St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, after making the claim, within the period of 30 days established internationally, the Sanvicentina shipping company never proceeded to withdraw it. Currently, its ownership is the Cuban authorities.


Source: Diario de Cuba