Attack On An Oil Pipeline In The Department Of Arauca

An oil spill in Colombia threatens rivers and rural communities.

In the zone, the ELN and EPL guerrillas commit crimes. So far, no group outside the law has been awarded responsibility for the violent act.

The Colombian Oil Company (Ecopetrol) confirmed that a new terrorist action was presented against the Caño Limón Coveñas pipeline, in the village of El Consuelo, rural area of the municipality of Saravena, in the department of Arauca.

He warned that the situation triggered the activation of a contingency plan by Ecopetrol, together with the municipal authorities and coordinators of the risk management unit, to try to stop the displacement of the stain and prevent the arrival of the tributaries and their consequent pollution.

The attack caused the oil spill in the vegetation layer and soil without affecting water sources and reached a section of a tertiary road that serves as an alternative access from Saravena to the municipality of Tame.

In the area, guerrillas and paramilitary groups commit crimes. So far, no group outside the law has been awarded the responsibility for the violent act that forced the operation of the Caño Limón Coveñas Pipeline to be halted.

The oil company rejected this terrorist action that causes a serious environmental impact, in addition to the risk, it means for the communities that live in the region.

Oil spill in Colombia threatens rivers and rural communities

“Ecopetrol emphatically rejects these illicit actions that put at risk the integrity of people, affect the environment, alter the normal life of the fauna and flora, and impede the well-being of communities and the normal development of oil activities,” he said. the company through a statement.



Source: El Ciudadano