Atomic Aircraft Carrier “Harry Truman” Will Take Part in NATO Exercises Trident Juncture

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According to Interfax, the US nuclear carrier, “Harry Truman” will take part in the large-scale NATO exercises Trident Juncture in the region of Norway. This was announced on Tuesday by the head of the Allied forces command in Naples, Admiral James Foggo.

“The aircraft carrier Harry Truman and the ships accompanying him will take part in the Trident Juncture,” he said at a press conference in Brussels.

In late October and early November, the largest NATO exercises, Trident Juncture 2018, will be held after the end of the Cold War with the participation of the Navy, Air Force and ground forces of the Alliance member countries.

Earlier it was reported that the US Navy aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” arrived in the UK, where he will stay until October 10. He went there after completing patrols in the North Atlantic in the region of Iceland.

Atomic Aircraft Carrier "Harry Truman" Will Take Part in NATO Exercises Trident Juncture

Observers then noted that the American aircraft carrier after the end of the visit could either go to the Mediterranean Sea, where some of the warships that make up the aircraft carrier strike group Harry Truman are already stationed, or to the coasts of Norway, where the Trident NATO exercises will begin in late October Juncture 2018.


Source: Maritime News of Russia