Asian Citizen Who Was Carrying 416 Totoaba Swine is Detained in the AICM VIDEO

Two bags caused the mobilization of federal police responsible for monitoring the platforms of the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM).

The federal police caught the attention of the smell left by the suitcases from the landing area to the baggage claim band.

It was not difficult for them to identify the owner because the labels were in the name of an Asian citizen. The only one on the flight from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

The man transported thousands of dollars in merchandise, it was not a drug, but a product that also deals with organized crime.

Wake up with Loret had access to the testimony of the Federals who detained the passenger and indicated that the man showed his Chinese passport and a green card that credited him as a permanent resident in Mexico and with a key that he carried opened the locks of the suitcases and inside stacked bundles were located.

The man was carrying 416 totoaba swish that he intended to take to China, where he is credited with healing powers and even pay up to $ 100,000 per kilo.

The illegal fishing of totoaba is the first link in an international business. The problem is that the activity has the vaquita on the verge of extinction, both species live in the Upper Gulf of California and measure practically the same and that is why they are trapped in the same type of network.

On March 27, Navy personnel found a dead vaquita near the Port of San Felipe, an adult female weighing over 40 kilos that were entangled.

According to the federal government, the buccaneering route includes two border cities of Baja California: Mexicali and Tijuana. From there they take the merchandise to the United States and then to China.

Another destination is Mexico City, by plane or bus, then to South Korea or Japan and finally to Beijing and Hong Kong.


Source: Noticieros Televisa