IN ARGENTINA “Millionaire International Reward” for Finding the Missing Submarine

Mauricio Macri announced to the relatives of the 44 who gave him a request regarding the search. The reward is open to civil vessels and treasure hunters.

Buenos Aires. Three days before the 3 month disappearance of the submarine ARA San Juan with 44 crew members on board, the Argentine Government will make effective an administrative resolution where a “millionaire international reward” will be offered   that would be between the 4 and 5 million dollars for whom find the submersible. The decision was announced by Mauricio Macri to the relatives of the divers in a meeting they held at the Casa Rosada.

The president, who was accompanied by Vice President Gabriela Michetti, Defense Minister Oscar Aguad and Chief of the Navy José Luis Villán, conveyed his pain and firm commitment to continue searching for the submarine. He promised that not only will they continue in the exploration, but that the search, technology, ships will be doubled and all the collaboration in the judicial investigation will be provided.  “We want to know what happened, if there was corruption in the arrangement of the ship, if there was negligence. And if it was an accident we also want to know. Much would help to find the submarine to know this. “

During the tense meeting with the 35 family members that lasted just over an hour in the North Hall of the Casa Rosada, details were given of the boats that will continue to work. “The ships of the Argentine Navy that were being repaired, including a scientific one, will be added to the search. The Russian ship Yantar will continue until the end of February, with the possibility that you can also count on the submarine that is inside the boat, “the president told them.

To this second meeting with Macri, since last November 15 the Ara San Juan disappeared, the relatives of the crew carried flags and posters with slogans that they have been using since they began to live the uncertainty due to the disappearance of the submarine. They also placed on the long table of the meeting the photos of the crew, delivered in duplicate a text of ten complaints about the search and asked the president to return a copy signed by him. Another group of relatives left outside was responsible for displaying their flags next to the entrance gates to the Headquarters of the Government.

This is the document that the relatives of the submarine ARA San Juan delivered to Mauricio Macri in duplicate and request for signature of reception. For the answer to these points they put like limit date the 13 of February for some and the 21 for others. During the meeting Macri confirmed that several of the required points are already underway.

* Contract with companies with high technology equipment with the ability to search, detect and rescue the submarine between 200 and 6000 meters, including means such as ROVS and AUV.

*  Prefectura Argentina   intervention with boats, with appropriate technology for the search.

*  Agreements and consensus between the Minister of Agribusiness, Luis Etchevehere, and the Minister of Defense, Oscar Aguad, to authorize the ship Angelescu (scientist) to join the search.

*  The incorporation of equipment with the latest technology and fishing vessels through the reward proposal.

* Access the validation offered by Russia with military vessels.

*  Confirmation of vessel AGS-61” Cabo de Hornos”, Chilean scientific-marine platform.

* Conditioning of Argentine ships such as the destroyer “La Argentina” and the corvette “Robinson”, among others.

*  Authorize at least three family members access to the Operations Center of Puerto Belgrano because “due to various irregularities and lack of communication and information to the Mar del Plata Naval Base, we have our doubts that are not acting as we are informed”.

Submarine ARA San Juan

* Search not only in the area of ​​the hydro acoustic anomaly but also that a raking is carried out in the areas closest to the coast and that it is authorized to inspect in greater detail the data found prior to the anomaly.

*  Make a decree that dictates that the search for the submarine ARA San Juan has no deadline, regardless of the government in office.