Another “Mysterious Creature” Generates Controversy in Social Networks

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It is the corpse of a strange marine creature that was found on the beaches of New Zealand.

The strange find happened last Saturday and took place on the coast of the city of Christchurch, in New Zealand.

Hanna Mary with her mother, were on the beach, cleaning the waste that had left a heavy storm.

Suddenly, they spotted the remains of a mysterious sea creature that had been washed away by the tide.

According to the website The New Zealand Herald, mother and daughter, they thought it was a plastic. Then, they realized that it was the skeleton of a rare creature.

The corpse had fine limbs, a mouth full of sharp teeth and spiny wings .

Although they were afraid that it was some poisonous species , they decided to take it to the house of a neighbour who is a taxidermist.

Here we leave the impressive gallery with the best photos of the corpse of the creature:

As the expert failed to identify the strange find, the woman shared the photos in her personal Facebook account to see if anyone could come up with any clues.

Another "Mysterious Creature" Generates Controversy in Social Networks

Finally, Dr. Malcolm Francis of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of New Zealand , determined that it is a Zearaja nasuta, known as the New Zealand rough radish because it is very thorny.

Here we leave the photo of the appearance of the marine animal:

Zearaja nasuta is a species of fish of the family of the Rajidae in the order of theRajiformes. Themales can reach 118 cm in total length and the ventral area is white.

Its food is based on fish, mollusks, crabs and worms . It is a strip of sea and deep water. It is found in the southwestern Pacific Ocean: it is an endemic species of New Zealand.



Source: Radiomitre Cienradios