Another Dead Dolphin Found on the Yucatan Coast

Reports from the Program of Research and Conservation of Marine Mammals in Yucatan (Picmmy) of the UADY reported yesterday that the stranding of a cetacean in the port of Progreso was attended, to which the Corresponding necropsy.

According to the report, it is a juvenile female of the species called bufeo or dolphin tonina (Tursiops truncatus), which is very common in the Yucatan coasts.

The stranding was attended in collaboration with the Coordination of Ecology and Environment of the City Council of Progreso.

It was found out that the report was made a few days ago so the specimen was buried until the specialists went to perform the necropsy.

A few days ago the stranding of 4 false killer whales was reported in San Felipe and Río Lagartos, east of Yucatán, 3 of which were returned to the sea.

Another Dead Dolphin Found on the Yucatan Coast

Last month, the rescue of a dolphin that was stranded on the shores of Celestun, which was also returned to the sea by fishermen, was also reported.


Source: Reporteros Hoy