An Unusual Rescue in Mar del Plata: A Car Held By The Waves

It was on the beach of Torreón del Monje. Watch the video that came to TN and La Gente.

An unusual rescue was lived this morning in Mar del Plata.

It was on the well-known beach of Torreón del Monje when a car that had been left adrift was pulled out of the waves.

According to local media reports, the car was embedded in the sand and floated when the tide rose. The red car came to the breakwater dragging a rubber boat and advanced to the shore.

When he wanted to leave he could not and the water came to cover the wheels.

Unusual Rescue Sea Rescue

Thanks to the help of a 4×4 truck that towed it, they were able to get it out of the water. There were no injuries.