An Unusual Accident in the Port of Santa Fe: A Ship Lost Control and Destroyed a Dock

Due to the impact, several workers fell into the river. No serious injuries were reported

” The pier crashes, the pier crashes,” warned a man while filming the unusual accident of a ship that lost control and was wearing a conveyor belt and the davit in Puerto General San Martin in the province of Santa Fe. “Disasters, brother, disasters,” the witness managed to say when he watched the boat hit the shore and heard the impressive roar.

The accident occurred last night on a dock at the Terminal 6 plant and was starred by the ship  Ocean Treasure, flag of Hong Kong. In the recording, you can see how in a few seconds the ship rammed the pier and caused the collapse of a structure, which ended up rushing into the water.

According to the newspaper La Capital, several workers who were on a container fell into the river but were quickly rescued. On the other hand, another person identified as Emanuel López, who was on the dock, ended up in the water after the impact, for which Prefectura personnel had to intervene to save him.

“We could say that it was an accident with luck, it could have been much worse with a lot of human losses in front of such a sinister,” said  Juan Juárez, from the San Lorenzo Volunteer Fire Station, who confirmed that due to a bad maneuver, the ship collided with the pier.

“At one point the worst was thought, but a quick action from the operators and from some boats that were nearby, the container could be floated and the operator rescued alive.” In that sense, he added: “In reality, this type of accident should not occur, some inconvenience will have happened, we still do not know if it was a problem of the ship or the pilot of the port, we have to wait for what determines the skills of Prefectura Naval Argentina”, he said.

The firefighter said the pier “was totally damaged” and that “thank God there was no fire in the place.” The rescued operative was taken by ambulance to Rosario, the Juarez firefighter finished in dialogue with the Zysman 830 program.


Source: InfoBae