An Underwater Park in the Lebanon Sea

Ten tanks and military vehicles were submerged in the Mediterranean, with the intention of creating an underwater park that becomes a tourist attraction for diving enthusiasts.

A Lebanese oil company sank ten tanks and military vehicles on the coast of Sidon, south of Beirut, on Saturday in the Mediterranean, an unusual initiative to attract scuba-diving enthusiasts.

Three kilometres from the coast, a giant crane transported by a ship let these military vehicles offered by the Lebanese Armed Forces sink into the sea, with the aim of creating an “underwater park”, AFP said.

This project was promoted by the local NGO, “The friends of the Sidon coasts”, in collaboration with the municipal government. They aim to attract scuba divers and develop tourism.

“This will be a paradise for divers and a place where the underwater flora will develop,” enthused a member of this oenege, Kamel Kozbar. This militant environmentalist trusts that some algae will adhere to these military vehicles.

Perhaps voluntarily or by chance, the tanks were placed with the guns pointed at Israel. A small detail “in solidarity with the Palestinian people,” explains Kozbar.

Israel and Lebanon are technically at war. Both countries have been confronted in numerous conflicts over the past few years and the memory of the Israeli invasions in southern Lebanon in 1978 and 2000 remains.



Source: El Heraldo


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