An Oil Spill Reaching Huelva Beaches (Spain)

The Government delegate of the Board in Huelva, Francisco José Romero, has activated preventively, at 1 pm today, situation 1 of the Emergency Plan for the Risk of Pollution of the Coast in the province (PECLA), due to the appearance of some oil stains from an incident last night in the monoboya of the Palos de la Frontera refinery with a ship that was unloading.

The delegate of the Government of the Board has proceeded to the declaration of the situation 1 of the Emergency Plan for Pollution of the Andalusian Littoral at 13.04 hours after remaining said plan in the pre-emergency phase since the incident occurred on Tuesday at 20.45 in a disconnection of a discharge hose from a tanker in the monoboya about 12 miles from the coast.

The activation is of a preventive nature since at the moment the spot has not touched the coast. For this reason, the Andalusian administration maintains observation and surveillance in case part of this material reaches land. It should be remembered that the management and coordination of this event at sea is the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works since the autonomous administration of competition in this matter is lacking until the spot does not reach the coast.

The fundamental purpose of the Emergency Plan for the risk of pollution of the coastline in Andalusia (PECLA) is the establishment of the organizational structure and procedures for an adequate response to emergency situations in which pollution of the coast in the region originates. autonomous community and thus ensure greater effectiveness and coordination in the intervention of available means and resources. The Plan aims to prevent and, where appropriate, mitigate the effects of serious accidents involving dangerous substances, limiting their consequences for people, property and the environment.

crude stain threatens to reach the coast

The emergency service 112 Andalusia has warned Civil Guard troops, Maritime Rescue, Port Authority, Maritime Captaincy, Local Police of Palos de la Frontera and the Emergency Group of Andalusia (GREA), which has already mobilized a technician and three agents.


Source: Diario de Huelva