An Abandoned Ship Near Australia May Contain 50 Million Dollars in Cocaine

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The boat was stranded on an atoll off the shores of Papua New Guinea and so far no one has been able to enter it to recover the drug.

The remains of a shipwrecked with 55 packets of cocaine remain stranded on a remote island off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The ship was abandoned by drug-dealing pirates before running aground near the uninhabited island of Umboi. Authorities suspect it could still contain drugs worth more than 50 million US dollars, The Australian reported.

It was a shark fisherman who found the abandoned boat on a small atoll in the Sea of Solomon. The man recovered a total of 11 bags full of cocaine and took them to his village on nearby Budi Budi Island, about 700 kilometres east of Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. But in a matter of days, a ship of Asian gangsters came to the place to claim the drugs.

What followed was a 400-kilometre maritime pursuit between the modified trawler and the Papua New Guinea Navy. With the help of Australian aerial surveillance, the Papuan Police finally intercepted the ship and arrested the suspected smugglers, most of whom came from Hong Kong.

The attempt to recover the remaining drugs from the wrecked ship failed, as the boat was full of fuel. “Our troops were not able to enter the interior, there was diesel spilled and grease everywhere and it was very, very difficult,” said George Bayagau, regional chief inspector of Papua New Guinea.

An Abandoned Ship Near Australia May Contain 50 Million Dollars in Cocaine

As the ship was too heavy to tow, the police were forced to abandon the operation. The arrested traffickers were transported to the nearby city of Alatou, where they will face trial on charges related to drugs next week.


Source: La Actualidad RT