Amazing Rescue of a Hunt Eagle Who Was Being Attacked by Seagulls

The animal was released at the foot of the Montgó after checking his good health.

Last Wednesday, two crew members of a boat saved the life of a booted eagle that was inside the sea and was being attacked by seagulls. “We were fishing near Cabo de la Nay and, suddenly, we saw that a group of seagulls went to sea,” Carlos Andarias, one of the crew members, tells this newspaper. They thought that perhaps they were going for a school of fish, since, according to Andarias, “many times, when small fish such as sardines or anchovies are being caught by large fish such as tunas or brevas, they rise to the surface and Seagulls take advantage of that moment to hunt them. ”

But the surprise was great when they saw that it was an eagle that had been attacked in mid-flight and pushed by seagulls to the sea to try to kill her. “Seagulls are very bad. Everything they see: rabbits, ducks, partridges, etc., they do tobacco. ” After realizing it, the gulls frightened and with a salabardo rescued the eagle, which they dried with clothes and moved to port, where the Local Police of Xàbia took charge. The animal was in good health and that’s why it was released at the foot of the Montgó.

The eagle was released by the Local Police at the foot of the Montgó

The booted eagle is a medium-sized raptor. In September or October, they leave their breeding territory and will spend the winter in warmer areas. In the case of the Mediterranean, they migrate to the African savanna, where they remain until spring. Then, they return to the Peninsula.


Source: La Marina Plaza