Amazing! Deepwater Microbes Could Clean Up Oil Spills

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Scientists have discovered that deepwater microbes could help clean up the devastating oil spills on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Nearly two dozen new species of microbes were identified, many of which gobble greenhouse gases and other debris to grow and survive.

The tiny creatures could someday eliminate chemicals that uncontrolled the climate, such as methane from the atmosphere, or even oil after ocean spills.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin studied microbes in the extremely hot deep-sea sediments located in the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California, and they saw that some of them use chemicals known as hydrocarbons, including methane from greenhouse gases. greenhouse effect, as an energy source.

Amazing! Deepwater Microbes Could Clean Up Oil Spills

It was also found that these creatures that eat contaminants are so genetically different from the known microbes that they represent new branches in the tree of life.

“This shows that the deep oceans contain a great unexplored biodiversity ,” said Dr. Brett Baker, lead author of the study.


Source: Noticias24