Almost 4,000 Bathers Stung by Jellyfish in 15 Days at Florida Beach

The rescuers of the beaches of that county have had to treat hundreds of bathers every day since last June 9.

About 3,900 people suffered from jellyfish stings in the last 15 days on the beaches of Volusia County, on the northeast coast of Florida, with 469 cases this weekend alone, local media reported on Tuesday.

Rescuers on the beaches of this county, especially in the town of Daytona Beach, have had to treat hundreds of bathers every day since June 9, when the jellyfish began to be detected in the water, the newspaper The News reported. Journal

The experts, who identified this jellyfish as the “sea nettle”, believe that the presence of these specimens could be constant throughout the summer unless a strong marine current pulls them inland.

Almost 4,000 bathers stung by jellyfish in 15 days at Florida beach

They indicated that the affected people should get out of the water immediately and be attended by the lifeguards, who normally use vinegar to treat the bites.



Source: Primerahora