Afghan Exports Are Reoriented from the Ports of Pakistan to the Iranian Chabahar

Afghanistan reoriented 80% of its export shipments from the port of Karachi (Pakistan) to the Iranian ports of Bandar Abbas and Chabahar, reports Asia Times.

According to the publication, this trend is due in large part to Pakistan’s sharp increase in import duties last autumn on Afghan exports, such as fresh and dried fruits, marble and granite.

Meanwhile, two months ago, the first turn of the Chabahar port in Iran, located 100 kilometers from the Pakistani port of Gwadar, was operating. India has already carried through the port supply to Afghanistan of several batches of wheat.

India is investing $ 500 million in the Chabahar Port construction project. It is expected that in the future the port will serve all of Afghanistan’s foreign trade, which is estimated at $ 5 billion. Also, through the port will be the route of the international transport corridor North-South (INSTC), which will give India access to markets in Central Asia.

Also, in order to develop trade between the two countries, Afghanistan opened the second air corridor for India.

Meanwhile, trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan declined in the current financial year by $ 2 billion, from $ 2.5 billion to approximately $ 500 million.

Project Roadmap Ports of Pakistan to Iranian Chabahar

In October, Pakistan increased import duties on imports from Afghanistan of fresh and dried fruits, marble, granite up to 4 times.


Source: Maritime News of Russia