Absurd Accident! In Tumaco, a Young Man Threw Himself Into the Sea and Fell on the Shore

In an absurd accident Jhon Eder Moreno, 23 years old, who died after hitting his head hard after he attempted to jump into the sea.

The Case

As it became known, the incident occurred on Monday afternoon, when Moreno, in the company of other friends, was hanging out in the Exporcol neighbourhood of Comuna Uno, a sector known as Playa Arrecha, where he lived.

The Sea Was ‘Short’

Apparently, from one moment to another, John Eder who was drunk, decided to jump from the wooden bridge into the sea but did not realize that at that time the tide was going down and, as it was thrown, he hit the shore, hitting his head brutally against the sand.

Helped By Friends

Once they realized John Eder was motionless, his friends did not join in jumping and decided to help him, he was rushed to the emergency room of the Divino Niño Hospital, due to the severity of the blow, he was referred to ESE San Andrés , where despite the efforts from the doctors, he died on Tuesday afternoon.

sector conocido como Playa Arrecha

Agents of criminology of the Technical Corps of Investigations, CTI, of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation, carried out the inspection of his body and its removal, in the same way, they began the inquiries to establish what happened in this case. In the morgue of Tumaco, the necropsy was performed by Legal Medicine personnel.


Source: Pasto Extra