About 20 Warships of the Pacific Fleet Hold Exercises in Primorye

The large anti-submarine ship (BOD) Admiral Panteleev, the Guard rocket cruiser Varyag and other ships and ships of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) began to work out training tasks in the training grounds of Peter the Great Bay in Primorye on Tuesday, the Tufin press service reported.

“The exercises are held according to the plan of combat training. A total of about 20 ships, submarines and auxiliary vessels of the fleet solve the tasks of the Pacific Fleet, “the report said.

It is noted that the BCP “Admiral Panteleev” together with three basic minesweepers of the brigade of the ships of the water area protection performed the tasks of wiring the ship for trawls when leaving the main base.

Also, the cruise missile cruiser and the cruiser “Varyag” have worked out the organization of conducting counter sea battles, it is specified in the message.

“Varyag” and “Admiral Panteleev” conducted an evacuation of seamen from the side of a conditionally damaged ship during a drill to help a ship in distress. To this end, the deck-mounted Ka-27PS helicopter and standard speed boats were used, “the press service said.

20 warships of the Pacific Fleet hold exercises in Primorye

Large anti-submarine ships “Admiral Tributs” and “Admiral Vinogradov” have completed the training of mines, the report said.


Source: Maritime News of Russia