ABB Equips a Service Vessel for the World’s Largest Wind Farm

Maritime transport company Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) will replenish its fleet with the second 83-meter vessel for servicing the wind farm. The order includes a wide range of ABB technologies, whose heart is the award-winning Onboard DC Grid energy distribution system. The vessel will serve the Hornsea Project Two project off the coast of the UK. After completion of construction in 2022, it will become the world’s largest wind farm, capable of providing energy to more than 1.3 million homes.

The ABB Onboard DC Grid system provides simple, flexible and functional integration with energy resources, such as batteries and fuel cells. It increases the productivity associated with the operation of the variable speed generator.

In addition to the Onboard DC GridTM system, the ABB package includes tunnel thrusters, generators, transformers, batteries, ABB Ability Marine Advisory System – OCTOPUS and ABB ABB remote diagnostic services. Also, ABB is responsible for the generation and energy management system, which allows battery power to be used as a reserve for operating generators, reducing the need for reserve power management, reducing maintenance costs and fuel consumption in the long term.

“LDA is positioning itself as a pioneer in the field of efficient and technologically advanced vessels for wind energy,” commented Erwe Lapierre, head of the New Lda Shipping Department. “Requirements for maintenance of the wind farm are still being formed, and service ships for this segment should not only be cost-effective but also innovative and universal.”

Onboard DC GridTM solution allows using variable speed technology to continuously optimize the energy consumption system in accordance with the load and reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Maximum efficiency is achieved by using dual battery power. Accumulated energy can come from a variety of sources, including renewable ones. DC power distribution also provides a unique platform for digital solutions so that data from equipment sensors can be transferred between systems instantaneously, and bridge and shore systems can monitor and optimize the performance of the vessel.

“The second order from the LDA is confirmation of the performance, cost-effectiveness and safety of everything that ABB is promoting in its approach” Energy. Digital solutions. Communication “, – says the head of the direction of ABB” Marine & Ports “Juha Koskela. We are proud of our technology for the use of standby energy on ships in the renewable energy sector.

ABB Equips a Service Vessel for the World's Largest Wind Farm

The vessel, designed by Salt Ship Design, will be built at Turkey’s CEMRE shipyard. Like its predecessor, built in 2017, the ship is contracted by Ørsted A / S, the largest energy company in Denmark.



Source: Maritime News of Russia