A Young Woman Disappears Dragged into the Sea After Approaching the Waves with some Friends in A Coruña

The woman went down to the shore of the Riazor beach with an orange alert and in an area where strong currents cross.

A group of fifty soldiers search by sea and air in Coruña a 22-year-old girl who was dragged by a wave at dawn on Friday. The woman, originally from Ourense, had gone down to the beach of Riazor with two other people to watch the Atlantic raging and alert orange, when in just a moment, according to the account of the witnesses, disappeared engulfed by a blow of the sea, right at the foot of the monument that on the promenade in Coruña pays homage to a Slovak student and three policemen who died drowned in January 2012 .

The alert was received on the 112 at 5:50 in the morning. It was dark, the tide was low and “the hangover was very powerful,” the councillor for Citizen Security of A Coruña, Rocío Fraga, has reported from the search centre. The young woman was accompanied by two boys, who have been treated at the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de A Coruña. One of them had his clothes wet because he tried to enter the water to help his friend, Fraga said. Both have told the police that everything happened so fast that they did not even hear the woman ask for help.

The blow of the sea that has dragged the young Ourense has occurred at a very dangerous point of the bay of A Coruña, on the shore attached to the jetty that separates the beaches of Riazor and Orzán and is known in the city as La Coraza, A crossing of strong currents that becomes a deadly trap with orange alert.

The helicopter Helimer of Maritime Rescue with thermal cameras, the water rescue group of the Coruña firefighters, the Red Cross boat and the local and national police participate in the tracking tasks. The missing woman had arrived on Thursday in A Coruña from Ourense, the city in which her family lives, already aware of what happened and that is receiving psychological support from the Red Cross.

A helicopter this morning traces the sea on the beach of Riazor in search of the missing girl.

The event of this morning has made alive in A Coruña the tragedy of Tomas Velicky, a Slovak student who on January 27, 2012, was dragged by the sea at dawn after entering him also with the orange alert. Three national policemen, Rodrigo Maseda, Javier López and José Antonio Villamor, died along with Velicky while trying to rescue him. The Atlantic took almost a month to return the four corpses. The city erected a monument in his memory right in La Coraza, where a wave has taken the young woman from Ourense.


Source: El Pais