A US Ship Rescues 41 Migrants After a Shipwreck and Asks To Be Transferred to the ‘Sea Watch’

A US Navy ship has rescued 41 migrants in the Mediterranean after the wreck of the vessel they were traveling on, which has left 12 dead, and has requested its transfer to the rescue vessel of the NGO Sea Watch, which would be willing to accept them if you are assigned a safe port for your disembarkation.

The rescue of 41 people and twelve bodies has been completed by the US Navy, which asks Rome to assign a port to ‘Sea Watch’ to carry out the transshipment,” said the German NGO of the same name as the rescue ship. . In this sense, the organization has made clear that it would accept to board the rescued 41 migrants “with the condition that a safe harbour is reasonably close” after Italy has denied its ports to the rescue boat ‘Aquarius’ of the Doctors Without Borders Doctors (MSF) and SOS MediterranĂ©e.

Sea Watch had previously raised the alarm about the shipwreck. As he had explained on Twitter, his rescue ship, the ‘Sea Watch 3’, had received notice of the ship ‘Trenton’ from the US Navy and had gone about 20 nautical miles from the Libyan coast. “This is what happens if there are not enough rescue personnel deployed and there is no safe passage,” he lamented.

The request for a safe port of landing by Sea Watch also comes after Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini stressed on Tuesday that Italy will not allow docking in its ports to the ships of the NGOs that They operate in Mediterranean waters and rescue migrants and refugees who leave from Libya.

A US ship rescues 41 migrants after a shipwreck and asks to be transferred to the Sea Watch1

Speaking to the press, Salvini stressed that the firm position taken by the new government not to allow the ‘Aquarius’ to dock in an Italian port will be maintained for other organizations that also work in the rescue of migrants and refugees at sea. “There are other foreign ships waiting for their cargo of human beings and we will have the same behavior,” he said, referring in particular to the ship of Sea Watch, which is “roaming Libyan waters” and that “you will find the same educated but firm position on the part of the Italian Government “.


Source: Europa Press