A Tender Moment: Dog Protects Girl While Playing on the Beach

The girl seemed not to be in danger in the water and she started laughing that the dog wanted to save her.

A dog in France that was watching the granddaughter of its owner while playing in the sea quickly came to his rescue when the animal thought she was in trouble.

The girl was knocked down by a wave while jumping off the coast near Gouville-sur-Mer in France. The dog, named Matyas, quickly lunged forward, grabbed the girl by the neck of her shirt and dragged her back to the beach.

The girl seemed not to be in danger from the water and found the overprotective funny dog, laughing as he dragged her along.

Finally, thinking that the girl had no problems, the dog let her play again, although she continued to watch her pranks.

The clip was shared online and since then it has been seen more than a million times since it was loaded a little over a week ago.



Source: Debate MX