A Swiss Ship Was Attacked By Pirates Off The Coast Of Nigeria

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A dozen crew members of a Swiss cargo ship were taken hostage after the ship was attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria, according to the company that owns the ship.

Massoel Shipping said in a statement on Sunday that the ship, the MV Glarus, was attacked on Saturday night as it sailed from Lagos to Port Harcourt with a shipment of wheat. According to reports, the pirates attacked about 45 nautical miles south-southwest of Bonny Island.

“We know that the pirate gang climbed the Glarus by means of long stairs and cut barbed wire on the deck to access the ship and finally the bridge,” said Massoel Shipping.

“Having destroyed much of the ship’s communications equipment, the criminal gang departed taking 12 of the 19 crew members hostage.”

Noémie Charton, a spokeswoman for the Swiss Foreign Ministry, told CNN that the ministry was aware of the attack.

He also said that none of the sailors on board was Swiss, but could not confirm their nationalities.

A Swiss Ship Was Attacked By Pirates Off The Coast Of Nigeria

“The Swiss Maritime Navigation Office of the (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) in Basel is in direct contact with the shipowner,” said Charton.


Source: EJU TV

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