A Strange Humanoid Creature is Discovered on a Chinese Beach [VIDEO]

A chilling YouTube video, shows the disturbing images of a strange animal seemingly dragged by the waves to a beach in China. Although the witnesses were shocked by the appearance of the horrifying creature, one of them dared to raise it to take pictures.

When lifting the strange sea creature, everyone was surprised to see how this girlfriend what appeared to be his limbs. As seen in the video, the monstrous marine being has a head similar to that of a human being and even seems to have some kind of legs and arms.

As expected, the video quickly went viral on social networks, generating a great debate among Internet users seeking an explanation to the creepy creature of the images. From a new species to a mutated sea star, were some of the most commented theories, however, fanatics of the conspiracy ensured that it was an extraterrestrial being that lives in the depths of the ocean next to its colony.

However, for the most skeptical, as expected, this could be advertising for a movie or some kind of deception, ensuring that everything that is published about monsters, UFOs and ghosts on the Internet is nothing more than a simple deception.