A Small Swedish Submarine “Sank” an American Fleet On It’s Own

A small Swedish submarine was able to “destroy” a Nimitz class aircraft carrier from the mighty US Navy 7th Fleet during War Games 2005 exercises.

The United States has the largest and most diverse armada on the planet, which stands out especially for its Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, true billion-dollar floating air bases.

The power of the American aircraft carriers is so great that it makes the US Navy the second largest air force in the world – behind only the US Air Force itself.

However, during WarGames 2005, a small Swedish submarine managed to “destroy” one of these impregnable North American forts and part of its escort, says Real Engineering, the “portal that teaches you to think like an engineer” in your channel on YouTube.

During NATO maneuvers in the Atlantic in 2005, a small Gotland-class Swedish submarine was able to enter the “red zone” of the 7th US Navy Attack Fleet, pass among the ships escorting the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, launch several exercise torpedoes against your hull and escape undetected.

A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, such as the $ 4.5 billion USS Ronald Reagan, carries twice as many airplanes and helicopters as any other aircraft carrier: no less than 90 fighter-bombers and helicopters.

However, a Gotland class submarine, which costs about 100 million dollars (the cost of a single F-35 fighter-bomber) seems to be more useful.

The US Navy chiefs were so confused by the results of the maneuvers that they decided to ask the Swedish Navy some Gotland lent for two years to improve the US submarine detection systems.

Finding the submarine in the depths of the ocean, the portal points out, is not easy at all. The small 1,600-ton ship stands out for having air-independent propulsion, with Stirling cycle engines that are quieter than diesel engines and allow them to stay underwater for a long time.

The Gotland class of the Swedish Navy was built between 1992 and 1997. The ship, with a crew of 27 people and 60 meters in length, is capable of reaching a speed of 20 knots. Each submarine is equipped with four 533 mm and two 400 mm torpedo tubes.

Nimitz class aircraft carrier of the North American Navy

The submarines are terrible

Despite being an unusual result, this is not the first time a small submarine “sinks” a powerful aircraft carrier into naval exercises.

In 2015, during joint exercises between the French and US Navy in the North Atlantic, a French Saphir-class nuclear submarine, which maneuvered “on the side of the enemy”, “sank” an American aircraft carrier and most of its escort.

Saphir trained with the 12th US Navy Attack Fleet, consisting of USS Theodore Roosevelt, several Ticonderoga cruisers, an Arleigh Burke-class counter-torpedo, and several Los Angeles-class attack submarines.

In 2007, also a diesel-electric submarine of the navy of Canada, in exercises with the British navy, “sank” the carrier HMS Illustrious.

In naval carrier exercises, submarines are often used, which represent a real and significant threat to the safety of the American war fleets – something that does not seem to be necessary to prove.


Source: zap.aeiou.pt