A Russian Fighter Falls Into The Sea of Syria and It’s Two Pilots Die

A Su-30SM crashed into the Mediterranean Sea when it gained altitude after taking off from a Syrian base, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

A Russian fighter plane crashed Thursday in the Mediterranean Sea after taking off from a base in Syria, killing both pilots, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced.

“A Russian Su-30SM crashed in the Mediterranean Sea around 9:45 am Moscow time (1:45 am Peruvian time) when it gained altitude after taking off from the Jmeimim airfield The two pilots died,” the ministry was quoted as saying by the Russian public agency TASS.

“The two pilots fought until the last minute to (save) the plane,” the ministry added.

According to the Russian army, one of the possible causes of the accident is “the entry of a bird into the engine” of the device, which “was not shot”.

Violent rumble

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the fighter rushed into the sea off the town of Yable, Latakia province, on the northwest coast of Syria, according to eyewitness accounts that claimed to have seen the plane crash.

Russian fighter falls into the sea of ​​Syria and his two pilots die

According to that story, there was a violent roar at the moment of the impact of the military plane against the sea.

Several inhabitants of Yable published on social networks photographs in which you can see a plume of smoke emerging from the sea, hundreds of meters from the coast.



Source: RPP Noticias